How to Change Your Water Filter Cartridge

How to Change Your Water Filter Cartridge - Waterdrop UAE

The pro guide on how to change your water filter cartridge!

Water filter cartridges are important parts of any water filter. This part of the machine is placed within a casing or housing and is used to eliminate chemicals, particles, or bacteria from liquids that aren't necessary. As the cartridge is often in the firing line of water or liquids, they require replacements ever so often.

For water cartridges to work to their best capabilities it is important to replace them as often as possible, as mentioned by your manufacturer's guide. The amount of times you would need to replace your cartridge depends on the overall quality of your water and your total water consumption.

If your general water quality is low and there are many sediments or particles, you would need to change your cartridge or filter far more often than if it's being used for water without so much contamination. Either way, make sure to replace your filters whenever you see that there is a decline in the water taste or if there is poorer water pressure.

Here are the recommended times to replace your filter for residential use: 

-It's best to replace your cartridge once every 12 months, in any type of water purifier, or whenever you see that the flow rate has reduced. 

-Most manufacturers will let you know the right time to change your cartridges and you should place a reminder on your phone for the same.

How to replace your water filter cartridge

Now that you know how often you should change your water filter cartridge, it's now possible to learn how to replace your water filter cartridge. Once everything is installed and in place, and if you notice your water quality decreasing, the right water filter cartridge can solve this problem. 

Before you get around the replacing your cartridge, here are some things to keep in mind: 

Make sure to test the water...

In case water is unsafe to use due to its microbiological composition, or its composition is unknown, then it's better not to bother with filtration in the first place. 

Check the flow rate

Flow rates are based on how a cartridge does when it is clean. You should select a water filter cartridge that gives you a gallons per minute rating that is double the flow rate required. Once you keep this in mind, the cartridge can do the job for a larger period until the pressure eventually drops. As such, your cartridge can last up to 6 months or more, saving your costs in the long run.


Changing the filter cartridge 

As mentioned above, it's important to change your cartridge at least once every 6 to 12 months. Put reminders in your mobile alarm and make this as natural as changing anything else essential around your house. 

Instructions on changing your water filter 

The following instructions are for both POU and POE systems. 

1) First things first, you would need to shut off any outlet or inlet attached to valves to keep the pressure under control. This step is very important as you wouldn't want to flood the place you're working in.

2) Put a bucket underneath the filter's housing. Water will collect here and keep your surroundings tidy.

3) Make use of a filter wrench to do a bit of mechanical work. With this tool, you can remove the bowl by unscrewing it towards the left side, but make sure to do it gently.

4) Take out the used cartridge and dispose of it immediately. You don't want to get confused between this cartridge and the new one. 


3) Make sure that the bowl doesn't have any water inside and empty it into a bucket entirely.

4) Now it's time to take out the O-rings & clean away any lubricants. Check if there is any damage. If it is indeed damaged, it's not possible to repair it. You should discard and replace it. You can easily find replacement O-rings at your nearest hardware store. 

5) Fill the filter bowl with water, up to one-third of the size. Then put in 30 ml of bleach inside. Let it sit for some time, and after around 5 minutes, scrub the bowl meticulously with a gentle sponge or cloth. This will help get rid of scale buildup, rust, or any form of a microbiological element. Make sure that the groove which houses the O-ring is also free of dirt.

6) Take out the cartridge from the protective packing and place it inside the bowl, fitting it properly. You would then need to attach it to the post. Do take care while finishing this step, as a wrong move would make you have to do it all over again.

7) Cover the new O-ring with lubricant or something easily available such as petroleum jelly, and then put this into the cleaned O-ring groove. The O-ring should be seated evenly throughout the groove.

8) Now, it's time to install the bowl itself. Turn it towards the right, but slowly, as you need to ensure that the cartridge is at the same level as the filter head's post. Keep rotating until it is tight, but not too tight.

9) Press and hold a red pressure-relief button and gently open the valve's inlet. You will find water slowly filling up the housing, and then it should flow out of the relief button. Now slowly open the outlet valve to expel air from outside the line.

10) To ensure that no impurities remain, it's pivotal to flush the system for several minutes before use. Make sure that there aren't any leaks because if there are, the entire process will be for nothing.

Changing a Waterdrop filter

Most filter replacement procedures are tedious, sometimes complex and require the assistance of maintenance tools. However, Waterdrop filters are extremely easy and quick to replace. Follow these instructions when a filter replacement is required… 

  1. Turn the filter counter clockwise and pull to remove it. 

  1. Insert the new filter with a simple push and twist motion, until you hear a click. This sound indicates that your filter is locked and ready. 

  1. Repeat this process with the other filters. 

And that’s all it takes to replace a Waterdrop filter! It doesn’t get any easier than that. 

Change your water filter cartridge like a pro

We hope these steps have given you the instructions you require to change your water filter cartridge like a pro. The life of your water cartridge depends on water usage and the condition of your home's water. A sure-shot sign that you need to change the water filter is a change in the taste or look of water.

Waterdrop filters are rather easy to change on your own and come with explicit instructions on what to do. In case you aren't too inclined or sure about how to change these on your own, reach out to us and we can give you a helping hand.

To find out more about our water purifiers, call 800 4545 or visit our contact us section.

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