G2P600 Tankless Water Purifier

[6-stage filtration] The G2P600 reverse osmosis system adopts a composite filter technology, which can reduce most contaminants. The CF filter can reduce rust, sediment, and organic matter. The MRO filter uses a 0.0001-micron reverse osmosis membrane to intercept TDS, salt, PFAS, fluoride, heavy metals, etc. Our RO system can reduce toxic chemicals such as vinyl chloride, ethylhexyl acrylate, isobutylene, and ethylene glycol, according to the reverse osmosis membrane technical manual.

[600 GPD] Waterdrop G2P600 tankless reverse osmosis system produces 600 gallons of filtered water per day. With a fast and stable water flow rate, this RO system fills a 200ml cup with water in 8 seconds, which is ideal for drinking, and washing vegetables and fruit.

[2:1 pure to drain ratio] G2P600 tankless RO system reduces your replacement cost and upgrades the water-saving technology with a drain ratio of 2:1. Dispensing 2 cups of pure water will produce only 1 cup of wastewater.

[Compact product design] This tankless reverse osmosis water filtration system saves 70% of your under-sink space and prevents recontamination. Due to the filter’s twist-and-pull design, you can change a filter in 3 seconds without moving the system or using any tools. In addition, the filter life indicators will remind you to replace the filter in advance.

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Premium Filtration

First sediment PP membrane: Reduces rust, sediment, suspended solids, and other large particles.Premium activated carbon block: Reduces chlorine, organic matter, taste and odor, etc. Second sediment PP membrane: Reduces rust, sediment, suspended solids, and other large particles.0.0001-micron high-precision reverse osmosis membrane: Reduces TDS, chloramine, lead, salt, atrazine, fluoride, nitrates, PFAS, bacteria, etc.Post activated carbon block: Reduces taste and odor and improves the taste of water.PET pleated membrane: Further filters out large particles.

Fast Water Flow

This system has a water flow rate of 0.42 gal/min, which is more efficient than traditional filteration systems.


Smart Indicators

This under counter water filter system has filter life indicators, which will monitor the service life in real-time and notify you to replace the filters in advance.

Space Saving

This tankless under-sink water filtration system saves 70% of under-sink space and avoids recontamination, providing you with pure and crisp water.


No Annual Contract

Easy twist-and-turn filter replacement.