Skincare Faucet - Replacement Filter Pack of 3

  • Ultra filtration system: 97% Chlorine reduction: Adopts UF membrane and advanced ACF, 10x better adsorptive than ordinary carbon, to reduce up to 97% of chlorine for ultra crisp water.
  • 2x Longer filter life: This water filter rovides 320 gallons of refreshing water, about 3 months for an average family.
  • Fast and stable flow rate: The 0.5 gpm steady flow enables to fill up 10 cups of water (7 oz for each) in one minute. Simple design makes it easy and quick to change the cartridge. No pre-soaking is required.
  • More waste reduction: A sustainable practice by saving over 2,000 bottled water for less landfills, protecting our planet.
  • Note: The operating temperature of this filter is 41-100°F / 5-38°C. This filter can fit Waterdrop faucet filter system: WD-FC-02

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